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What is NO KILL???

No Kill means that all healthy/treatable animals
brought to a shelter are given a real chance at life.
The shelter must have an open door policy, which means all animals must be admitted.
The definitions for "healthy" and "treatable" are closely based on how you would list your own pet, meaning over 90% of animals, on average, brought into shelters, should and would be saved, Including elderly animals, ferals, those that need special attention, perhaps rehabilitation, and/or medication, more time to adjust, and just love.

Places like San Francisco, Ca., Ithaca New York, even Reno Nevada, Austin Texas have all implemented a No Kill policy and we can too! These are places larger than Maui and smaller than Maui, and even places with less money for their shelters! Hundreds of cities and communities now are considered No Kill. Not just a few shelters, but the whole area, the whole community. Currently more than 100 open admission shelters are No Kill in our country.

It's not just saying ".. of course we want to be No Kill", (No shelter really wants to kill animals.)
It's a whole philosophy. You embrace the idea and do all you can to make it happen.
No more excuses!

MAUI can do this too,
but we need YOUR help!

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Isn't it time we stop ignoring the problem of pet over population,
allowing others to "get rid of" anything we don't want to deal with,
while we look the other way....
There are viable alternatives out there. We all need to step up to the plate.
Act on what we believe.
Implement humane animal control and
become a humane society...